What is the Neighborhood College?
Neighborhood College is a FREE community leadership program that is tailored to the different strengths and challenges of communities throughout Fairfax County.

What you can expect to gain?
County residents who attend learn how to work with other residents, community organizations and local government to strengthen your neighborhood and promote a strong sense of community.

Who should attend?
Anyone from a 5 mile radius should attend. At least 10 individuals to commit to attending the 6-8 week sessions is recommended.

Learn the Keys to Being Active In Your Community
Through a combination of lectures, group discussions, and practical experiences, participants will learn about:
• County government and how it works
• The history and characteristics of your community
• Working effectively in your diverse community
• Identifying and accessing community resources
• Influencing the decision making process
• Building community partnerships
• Becoming an effective leader in your community

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TIME: 6:00 pm

In attendance:  Ed Unger, Dottie Crider, Al Crider, Mike Drury, Debbie Carmel, Tom Carmel, Jo Robertson, Greg Vaitekunas, Caitlin Kizielewicz, and John Falls

Special THANK YOU to Stacy Stacks for her donation to purchase the appetizers.

Common Area Progress and Remaining Projects:

The common area Rt 50 gardens are complete, with the exception of the crape myrtle and solar lighting installation.  We are waiting the grower to deliver 3 tall crape myrtle specimens before having Merrifield Gardens install them. The solar lights will be attached to the telephone pole which will light the sign; we’ll need volunteers for that part of the project. Other than that only on going maintenance would be required.

The flag pole garden will be revamped and this needs to be done sooner than later due to the stipulation in the grant that all projects must be complete before a final payment can be made.  What’s left to do is take out all plants from the garden, kill all grass and weeds in the garden, wait recommended time before replanting, add top soil and mulch, replant plants and add evergreens to complement the Rt 50 gardens. Hoist up the old bench and install the new bench, install solar lighting on the flag pole and retrieve the halyard from the pulley at the top of the pole and replace both halyards. Move cleat up the flag pole to discourage vandals.

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Time: 6:00 PM

Location: El Tio Grill
7630 Lee Highway Falls Church, VA 22042 – (703) 204-0233

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TGCA Project Flyer

Flyers have been delivered! The first volunteer event is next Saturday May 1st and then the second event is May 15th. Both events will be held at Common area near Rt 50. Depending on the number of volunteers we get, some will work tthe Rt 50 common area & some at  the flag pole area. This is a rain or shine event. Come for 10 minutes, 2 hours or all day!  There is something for everyone. We need people taking pictures, taking names of volunteers, collecting photo release slips, people who want to get down and dirty. We need all types of volunteers.

MAY 1, 2010
PREP & DEMO DAY (10 am –  2 pm)

MAY 15, 2010
PLANTING & ROCK GARDEN DAY (10 am –  2 pm)

OCT/NOV, 2010

A week or so ago I sent a letter to the Shining Star Church Pastor which highlighted a few concerns/issues we in the neighborhood had. Pastor Lim was eager to meet with us and set up a meeting for late last week.

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Below is a letter I drafted for the church. I drop it off on Friday with Calvin in the church office, who said he would convey the message and give the note to the pastor. I explained that the neighborhood who meets discussed these issues and that an approach would be to discuss these with them. I did mention that the immediate houses closest to the church and the Sunday parking were most effected. Please take a look at this letter…if I mis-communicated anything please let me know as when/if I am contacted I would very much like to convey the appropriate message.

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Let me start off by saying ALL are welcome!!!!  If you are planning to attend or think you might attend just let me know so I have enough snacks and drinks for all. You noted at the last meeting that you wanted to help with the NEPP grant project. The project planning committee meeting will be held Tuesday April 20, 7PM.  Please do your best to attend.  If you can not attend and  would still like to be part of the planning please let me know.

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Meeting began at 7:10 after 10 minutes of refreshments and meet & greet. Agenda and hand outs were distributed which consisted of:

• Overview of last meeting
• Updates to West Falls Church Plaza and library
• Fenwick Park updates
• NEPP grant
• Shining Star Church update
• Events

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TIME: 7 pm
LOCATION: Shining Start Church – enter from rear parking lot – GEORGIA ROOM

Agenda overview:
– Review Grant information – award 3600.00
– Guest Speaker Series
– Update on Safeway Shopping Center renewal
– Revisit Neighborhood College Program
– Overview of coming events Spring Clean up, Spring garage Sale, Grant program kickoff and Celebration.

Pass the word! Signs will be posted in the common areas by tomorrow but there will not be flyer’s distributed to the lingering snow.

Several months ago we held a meeting where we had a a few special guest speakers, one of which was David Ellis and another Janet Hubble, each touching on community enhancement opportunities. Through a NEPP Fairfax County grant submission we were very fortunate to have been awarded a grant of $3,600. I’m sure you share my enthusiasm and excitement regarding this award,  it really means so much to our community as we will be able to make many improvements. Read the rest of this entry »

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