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Our next community meeting will be October 7th.

TIME: 6:30 pm
PLACE: El Tio Restaurant, 7630 Lee Hwy, Falls Church, (703) 204-0233 (map)

We will have a police force representative as the guest speaker. If you have specific questions and would like them addressed please email us before the meeting as we have a big agenda to get through.

This meeting is to focus on our community safety as well as:

  • recent crimes
  • crime prevention
  • what to do and when to report crime
  • neighborhood watch

In addition we will discuss the NEPP grant completion and TGCA future.

This meeting will not cover zoning issues (re: cars, parking, dog leashing, garbage) we will hold another meeting with a representative from Fairfax County zoning agency to come in the near future to discuss those types of concerns.

Please spread the word as there will only be signs on the common areas!


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