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Meeting began at 7:10 after 10 minutes of refreshments and meet & greet. Agenda and hand outs were distributed which consisted of:

• Overview of last meeting
• Updates to West Falls Church Plaza and library
• Fenwick Park updates
• NEPP grant
• Shining Star Church update
• Events

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TIME: 7 pm
LOCATION: Shining Start Church – enter from rear parking lot – GEORGIA ROOM

Agenda overview:
– Review Grant information – award 3600.00
– Guest Speaker Series
– Update on Safeway Shopping Center renewal
– Revisit Neighborhood College Program
– Overview of coming events Spring Clean up, Spring garage Sale, Grant program kickoff and Celebration.

Pass the word! Signs will be posted in the common areas by tomorrow but there will not be flyer’s distributed to the lingering snow.

Several months ago we held a meeting where we had a a few special guest speakers, one of which was David Ellis and another Janet Hubble, each touching on community enhancement opportunities. Through a NEPP Fairfax County grant submission we were very fortunate to have been awarded a grant of $3,600. I’m sure you share my enthusiasm and excitement regarding this award,  it really means so much to our community as we will be able to make many improvements. Read the rest of this entry »

David Ellis– FFC Govt, Assistant to the County of Neighborhood Services.  David made us aware of the Strike Force which is aligned with code enforcement and the Neighborhood College which is a 6-8 week program which provides an overview on Read the rest of this entry »

7/6: update:

A new flag has been ordered and will arrive in approximately 4 weeks.  Donated by Rita Lynn and German Mejia.  The cleats will be raised up the pole out of easy access and the second roping will be retrieved and the cleat also raised up the pole.  A community or state flag will be hoisted up once that rope is retrieved and the cleats are raised.

Not discussed at this meeting but was mentioned at the September 2008 Ice Cream Social was the need to repair the flagpole. One of the ropes is at the top of the pole and we need to get it reconnected and anchored should we decide to put another flag Read the rest of this entry »

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