Meeting was held at Bea Collier’s house.  Thanks Bea!

Attendance of 9 (see meeting minutes sent by email for names

Main Discussion tops was sustainability presented by Diane Blust – member and advocate of Sustainable Reston.

See below for topic links.

Other discussion   (open topics)


Neighborhood Directory – Stephaine & Heather  discussed how we might start to gather information on a community directory

Bunko events -Heather raised the idea of holding Bunko evenings.  In efforts to get to know each other


adjourned at 8:15

Sustainability Resources

Richard Heinberg explains the situation and walks us through what he’s doing at his home:

Richard Heinberg:  The End of Growth

Richard Heinberg, ed:  The Post Carbon Reader

Bill McKibben:  Deep Economy and Eaarth

Rob Hopkins:  The Transition Handbook

Nan Chase:  Eat Your Yard

Rosalind Creasy:  Edible Landscaping,  (Creasy has several additional books in her “Edible…” series – some available at Fairfax County Libraries.)

Dave Jacke:  Edible Forest Gardens

Sustainable Reston:

Sustainable Reston Forum:

Transition Network:

Transition Staunton-Augusta:

Transition Voice (on line magazine):

Association for the Study of Peak Oil:

Post Carbon Institute: