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Please find minutes from our June 9th community meeting  below also attached.  In addition attached are also two supplements.  One is the hand out Mike Lee provided regarding ordinances and zoning.  The other is the trash & recycling program pamphlet.
Think about volunteering and participating in the Community Yard Sale on July 16th.


Tremont Gardens Citizens Association
Meeting Minutes
from June 9th, 2011 


Location: El Tio

Meeting started at 7:05

In attendance was:


Please let me know if anything discussed was missed in the minutes below

Topics Discussed:

Zoning & Ordinance

Mike Adams – Code Compliance Supervisor Division 1 Department of Code Compliance Fairfax County

Mike spoke about the Fairfax County Strike Force and how it investigates and enforces most neighborhood quality of life complaints.  Mike offered a hand out on the departments details (see supplement also there are hard copies of this hand out if you would like one please email TGCA.)  To submit a complaint log onto

The topics Mike discussed were:

Blight Homes- If a house is vacant but in good condition and exterior is kept up it can be left vacant indefinitely.  If the exterior has broken windows, siding falling off submit a complaint.  Contact EPA for mold concerns.

Grass height is not to exceed 12 inches, submit a complaint if observed and the county may cut it at owners expense. As a note: House at 2841 Fairmont,  lawn was mowed last year by the church  although a letter was sent to the owner.

Junk/Debris in yard, county allows outdoor storage in the rear of the property, up to 100 sq feet provide it is not in view from the sidewalk.  it must be covered/screened.  It can’t be seen from first story of a near by houses.

Construction/exterior home repair: Ongoing/Unfinished construction may be called into county and will be managed on a case by case basis.  Although there is no time length stipulation on permits, homes should be finished to eliminate the weather which lead to mold, mildew and material damage.

Trash:  Trash may be put out only 12 hours before trash pick up.  Construction materials or lawn debris may not be left at the curb longer than allowed.  Leaving construction material or lawn/tree limbs debris at curb side is a fire and health hazard and is subject to a health code violation of up to $300. Alternatives to piling at curb is to have contractor haul materials away or use the mega bulk pick up program or bag lawn debris or use a bin which will be picked up on the regular trash pick up day without using the mega bulk program (5 pick up allowed see supplement).  Large tree trunks/branches must be picked up within allowable time by the mega bulk program or private pick up.  You must call in any pick up left at curb other than the normal trash recycling containers.  Call 703-802-3322 or on line

House Numbers:  Fairfax County regulation states that all homes must display house numbers clearly and must be a minimum of 4” tall and contrasting color from it’s background


Overcrowding:  When overcrowding is suspected submit a complaint.  The department will investigate to the best of their ability but many times this results in a “cat and mouse game”.  The residents will not allow entry to investigators or if entry is granted the overcrowding is stopped for a brief time then resumes.

Vehicles & Parking: *Parking on front lawn is prohibited unless loading and unloading (see code for specifics).  Parking in the wrong direction of traffic  is illegal, cars will be ticketed, inoperable cars are prohibited and a complaint should be submitted, *only one commercial vehicle allowed per household, junk or inoperable vehicles (inoperable – does not start, no valid plates or inspection) on private property 5 or less contact police, 6 or more contact Fairfax County to lodge a complain with the department of code compliance.  No car repairs other than your own are allowed on your property or on street. Blocking sidewalk is a ticket-able offense.  Other parking considerations, park close to the curb and in the direction of travel.  It is prohibited to park in a fire lane, 15 feet from a hydrant, 20 feet of a crosswalk or 30 feet form a stop sign.

Domestic Animals: 2-4 dogs allowed 12,500 Sq feet, 5-6 allowed 20,000 Sq ft, no limit on cats however if hoarding is suspected lodge a complaint. The lot size in Tremont Gardens prohibited livestock/fowl. See code for specifics.

Animal Control:  All dogs are required to be leashed at all times unless on private property or at an authorized dog park.  Dogs must stay on property and be in control at all times when unleashed on private property.

It is unlawful to leave pet feces in public locations.  This offense is punishable by law and subject to fines O

Contact Animal Control if observed, pictures of offender/s may be required


Home Businesses: Home businesses are allowed with proper permit, but clients or customers may not come to the house – with the exception of a licensed child care business or teacher such as music or dance.  You may not display signs, store or sell goods on the property.  Repair and service business such as car repair, car detailing or barbers are prohibited.  You may need a permit to operate other allowable businesses from your house.

Construction: Unlicensed contractor is prohibited, if suspected lodge a complaint.  All building other than fences (see code specifics) require a permit.  See FAQ’s on zoning for specific building requirements and limitations.

Noise: Fairfax County has a 24/7 noise ordinance in place.  See below for frequent complaints, see code for details. All are entitled to peaceful and quiet living conditions.

Animals may not frequently bark, howl, squawk, meow or make noise that can be heard across property lines.

Construction activity may not be conducted between 9PM and 7AM Mon-Sat and not before 9AM on Sunday and Federal Holidays.

Electronics/Musical Instruments: Radio, TV’s, Musical instruments, loudspeakers or any type of amplification device may not be used between 11PM – 7AM, if they can be heard across property lines, from parked cars, through common walls.

Cars/Truck : May not be repaired between 9PM-7AM,   loaded or unloaded between  9PM-6Am (see code for specifics).

Yard work: mowers, leaf blowers, chain saws, power tool may not be used between 9PM-7AM, see code supplement for additional specifics

Signs/Glare form lights: Lights from security flood lights may not reflect onto neighboring property.  See code specifics for placement and lighted signs.


County website FAQ of ordinances:







General Meeting topics discussed:

Several break in’s have occurred over the past several months.  Another recently in Fenwick Park on Elmwood and Lawrence  Be sure to keep yourself and your families safe. As recommended by FFC Police:  Lock your doors; let your neighbors know when you will be away! Call police, for  any suspicious activity

Common Area

Rt 50 & flag pole mowing and continued maintenance required on a volunteer basis.  Do what you can when you can.  All encouraged to maintain as needed.  Our neighbor Ben Pongoeauk has donated supplies and his time to aid in the grass improvement on the Rt 50 common area he also weeded and mulched the garden beds.  Should you see him out there make sure you let him know how much his hard work is appreciated.

Update on West Falls Church Plaza:  What’s not yet done:  Safeway portion of repaving the parking lot, landscaping, lighting, benched and tables.  Tenants identified and soon to be open: Verizon Wireless, Bruggers Bagels and Great Clips.  Soon to sign a lease, an in and out restaurant no name provided, a kids indoor play center, Unleashed (upscale pet food – by Petco), 2 additional spaces available.

Raytheon Building – Privately owned building, is now part of the  BRAC program.  Trees taken down will not be replanted however additional landscaping will be done.  Trees to the right of building when looking from Rt 50 will stay.  Building still has vacancy but tenants will begin to occupy within a few months.  At that time the traffic lights will be altered to accommodate the additional traffic in efforts to easy heavy congestion.

Traffic Calming (Parking/Speeding) – Fenwick Park will soon have the speed humps places.  It is anticipated that this will bring heavy traffic and cut through to our neighborhood.  Adding to the already speeding cars. Our efforts to reduce speeders in the past have not prevailed. Alternative solutions will be looked into.  Sean Parker offered to look into this for the community.  As his efforts reveal solutions they will be passed on.  Keep your eyes open or updates.                                                                                                                                     

Street Light update on Elmwood – Was not discussed at the meeting but the cost for a street light in on Elmwood  per Dominion Power is $11,000, the county will subsidize 6,000 of that, leaving us with a deficit of 5,000.  A grant was submitted to the HOTLANE grant program requesting the 5,000. The deadline for submission for  that grant is June 30, so ours was submitted on time.  Updates will be passed along via email.                                                                                                                                                                       
Community Yard Sale Planned for July16th 8-1                                                                                                                                                                                     Fliers are ready for distribution…volunteers were identified: Thanks to George & Karen Earwaker & Bea Collier.  Additional volunteers are needed.

Signs will be put out on July 5th  for neighbors to being to get ready for the sale.  Signs  for the sale will be posted on the common areas as well as email and Facebook, no later than July 10th.  On the day of the sale a volunteer is needed to visit all those set up for the sale to get an email address.  This is to enable us to grown our email distribution.  Otherwise we’ve missed a big opportunity to connect to additional neighbors.




Ice Cream Social/Fund Raiser – Tentatively Slotted for September 10th  1-3:30 PM

Volunteers/donation needed for the social otherwise it is jeopardy of not taking place
 – Fliers:  Design & Distribute
– Purchase supplies (funds provided)
– Conduct fund raiser at social –Raffle sales

– Find Musician to play, looking for donated or minimal charge band
VOLUNTEERS needed for preparation for the event and the day of the event for set up.

Opportunities to Lead                                            

Community Meetings –Lead needed
Neighborhood Watch
 – Lead needed

Recycling/Litter Program – Anyone interested in leading this effort?

Halloween Parade/Contest – Church has had this event in the past, need volunteer to contact church point of contact                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Holiday house decorating contest – Lead needed

To volunteer, comment, address issues or concerns please send an email to