What is the Neighborhood College?
Neighborhood College is a FREE community leadership program that is tailored to the different strengths and challenges of communities throughout Fairfax County.

What you can expect to gain?
County residents who attend learn how to work with other residents, community organizations and local government to strengthen your neighborhood and promote a strong sense of community.

Who should attend?
Anyone from a 5 mile radius should attend. At least 10 individuals to commit to attending the 6-8 week sessions is recommended.

Learn the Keys to Being Active In Your Community
Through a combination of lectures, group discussions, and practical experiences, participants will learn about:
• County government and how it works
• The history and characteristics of your community
• Working effectively in your diverse community
• Identifying and accessing community resources
• Influencing the decision making process
• Building community partnerships
• Becoming an effective leader in your community

Fairfax Count Community College SAMPLE Curriculum
This curriculum was pulled together specifically for Tremont Gardens at a community meeting in 2009. This can be modified as where we would like to add focus. The sessions can be held whenever we have a quorum. Thus far there are approximately 7 people interested.
(modifications can be adjusted as needed)

Possible Topics/Curriculum

1st session
Neighborhood College Orientation & Expectations
Fairfax County Government from a Leadership Perspective
Overview of County Govt and Budget

2nd session
Demographics – a view of our community

3rd session
Community Resources – TBD

4th session
Public Safety – Police/Fire and Rescue

5th session
Zoning Regulations and Neighborhood Enhancement
Human Services/Recreational/Parks

6th session
Leadership/community capacity building/training of some kind
Building a strong connected community –
Community asset mapping,
Community Leadership
Diversity/Multi Cultural training of some sort.

7th session
Practicum presentations
Graduation Celebration

Thursdays – October 15, 22, 29, Nov 5, 12, 19.
We could add a Saturday (7th session) on November 14 or substitute the November 12 evening for the Saturday session. If we do a Saturday I would recommend we make it a 4 hour 10 -1pm with lunch. Do some concentrated training of some sort. We can have staff come and share information about resources and services too.

This program is so important as it will help us grow as a community, which will enrich and enhance our lives as we live together. Participating in the program will allow us as a community learn how to navigate in Fairfax County Government enabling us to get things done, to answer all types of questions and to aid us in having all within the community live within the regulations of the County.

We are targeting October 2010 to hold these sessions. These can be held at my house and we can have a pot luck dinner each week.  Not only will we learn but we’ll get to know each other all the while becoming a strong community. I feel passionate about this program as I’ve seen the results and I know it work!

PLEASE EMAIL tremontgardensca@gmail.com IF YOU ARE INTERESTED or post a comment below. The schedule can be somewhat altered so don’t let that be the determining factor of participation.