A week or so ago I sent a letter to the Shining Star Church Pastor which highlighted a few concerns/issues we in the neighborhood had. Pastor Lim was eager to meet with us and set up a meeting for late last week.

Minutes from that meeting:

In attendance: Pastor Lim, his wife, his son David and daughter Ester, Rita and Debbie

We discussed the background of TGCA, reactivation of the citizens association, activities, improvements planned and issues the community had regarding the church. Pastor Lim discussed his background, why they purchased the church 10 years ago, how they live in Falls Church City, their Son David, who is the youth pastor, lives in the white house next to the church to serve as a watch person over the church.

Topics address and responses to these issues

Curb clean up: They apologized and said that they were only trying to help, which we acknowledged. They would like to continue to do this but will coordinate with TGCA going forward as to not repeat the sand disposal problems of the past year.

Church signs: The one sign that is posted on our common area will be removed as we work through the NEPP grant project, this sign will not be replaced. Any new signs that the church wants to post will need to be reviewed by the neighborhood.

Speeding: Recently addressed with the congregation and will continue to make announcements to the congregation regarding speeding.

Parking: Have placed cones on one side of the of Strathmeade St near the church to aid in ease of vehicle passing.

Blue House recently purchased: Will be used as a guest house, the playground will be moved to this yard, to help the noise concerns Cindy & Tim have raised, the parking lot will have a basketball court to be used for guests and for children on Sunday. This will not be a lighted court. The Pastor was asked if he intended to plant trees and he replied no but was open to it if it is requested. Evergreens might prove to buffer the sounds of the children playing and the basketball bouncing. We should revisit this if the noise becomes a problem.

Excessive dog barking: David who owns the dog, mentioned that there are several dogs directly surrounding him so barking tends to come from all dogs. He takes his dog in at night,

Church representative at our meetings: Going forward there will be a church representative at our qrtly meetings.

Pastor Lim and his family, as well as those in his office, have been very open and forth coming to any meeting, issue or complaint that has been raised. They would like to work with us and become better neighbors and have welcomed us to services, events and activities that the church holds. There are specific children’s activities that they hold yearly and have encouraged us to attend. Now that the church knows we are an active group they have our email and will communicate through email as well as flyers when if necessary.