Below is a letter I drafted for the church. I drop it off on Friday with Calvin in the church office, who said he would convey the message and give the note to the pastor. I explained that the neighborhood who meets discussed these issues and that an approach would be to discuss these with them. I did mention that the immediate houses closest to the church and the Sunday parking were most effected. Please take a look at this letter…if I mis-communicated anything please let me know as when/if I am contacted I would very much like to convey the appropriate message.

As you can see the church has already made an effort to restrict the parking on Sundays. I’m very encouraged to see changes being made. I’ll keep you posted on what I find out.


Tremont Gardens Citizens’ Association

April 9, 2010
Dear Pastor Ku-

We in Tremont Gardens as you know meet quarterly at the Shining Star Church and we greatly appreciate your generosity. We discuss our community, events, improvements, issues, bringing neighbors together and community engagement among other topics.

Over the past few years our community has seen great growth for Shining Star Church, which is wonderful to see. While the growth is wonderful for the church the community has become concerned and troubled for our safety and well being. We are concerned because some issues may fall within Fairfax County violations in addition to effecting the peace, well being and safety of those who live here. We are hoping something can be done about these issues by speaking with you and or your Church officials.

The issues, violations, problems are:

* The curb clean up
* Parking
* Speeding
* Parking lot expansion (gravel)
* Children playing unattended (trespassing on neighbors property)
* Signage
* Dog barking

I am speaking now for our group of residents who have through meetings and emails voiced complaints about these issues.

Unfortunately, going forward the volunteers from the church can no longer have the yearly street clean up. This has caused an enormous problem for residents as the sand from the street was placed on the grass or driveway of each home and also around the trees on our common areas. We now must spend volunteer hours to clean this up. VDOT has street clean up slatted for later in April. I found this out by making a call to VDOT. In addition sand, dirt and trash was pushed down the street drain which is illegal to do. Going forward we can not have this event take place.

The Sunday and event parking is an issue. I almost got into an accident a few weeks back due to cars being parked on both sides of the street around the curve of Strathmeade as another car approached at a high speed from the other direction. Parking on both sides of the street does not allow for cars to pass. Being on a curve does not allow for visibility, so cars can easily become nose to nose or even worse getting into an accident. Should there be an emergency a fire truck or ambulance would never be able to pass by this area possibly causing great loss to anyone in need.

As cars travel up the street to service each week many of them speed. In the past we have seen your staff on the street signaling cars to slow down but that was for a short time and as soon as no one was there to signal cars to slow down they went back to speeding again. This is also an issue with cars in general and we are addressing this issue with VDOT as well as FFC Transportation dept.

The property at 2933 has the neighborhood concerned and wondering what the intentions are for this property. We understood that this was going to become a parking lot and that a permit for demolition of the house has been provided. Any incite you can provide would be appreciated. It is best to know what is planned, prior to work commencing.

As I understand the property 2937 has a playground where children play. These children often trespass onto the house next door. The loud noise at early hours of the unsupervised children is causing issues for some neighbors. You may not be aware but there is a FFC code on noise that there can not be noise disturbance 24/7 that impedes anyone’s peace of living. Perhaps there can be an adult on site to oversee these children. There is also a dog that I understand barks all hours which also causes lack of peace of living. When one neighbor inquired about these issues, she was told “name a price and we will buy your house too. That is hard to believe that someone associated with the church would respond this way, don’t you agree?

The church signage in our neighborhood as well as Fenwick Park is excessive and neighbor has have complained. The sign on the common area by Rt 50 will be removed as there are improvements taking place this summer for the next year. Going forward any new signs will need approval from the association from each neighborhood prior to placing signs within those neighborhood areas.

We do hope we can work with you to get these issues straight. We would very much enjoy holding our meetings at your church and have a church representative present at these meetings. Your congregation is large and we would be honored to have their help in keeping this community a good, peaceful place to live.

We would very much enjoy meeting with you to discuss these issues as well as ideas on building a community relationship.

Looking forward to speaking with you and meeting with you soon.


Debbie Carmel
Tremont Gardens Community Spokes Person
3016 Strathmeade St
Falls Church, VA 22042