Several months ago we held a meeting where we had a a few special guest speakers, one of which was David Ellis and another Janet Hubble, each touching on community enhancement opportunities. Through a NEPP Fairfax County grant submission we were very fortunate to have been awarded a grant of $3,600. I’m sure you share my enthusiasm and excitement regarding this award,  it really means so much to our community as we will be able to make many improvements.

So the first step is a grant review meeting. Space is very limited but I am asking for a volunteer to attend with me. If you are available March 1, 2010 5:30 the meeting will be held at the government center in Fairfax please respond to this email.  As soon as I have a volunteer, I will let you know.  It will be an interesting evening and I promise dinner included.  We will need to talk briefly prior to the meeting but other than that this meeting should last a couple hours.