David Ellis– FFC Govt, Assistant to the County of Neighborhood Services.  David made us aware of the Strike Force which is aligned with code enforcement and the Neighborhood College which is a 6-8 week program which provides an overview on the intricacies of Fairfax County Gov’t.  If enough people were interested we could hold a college here tailored to Tremont Gardens. For more information go to www.fairfaxcounty.gov/news/2007/092.htm

John Cook – Recently appointed Braddock district Supervisor and serves as president of Kings Park Civic Association. John spoke on what KP did to revitalize the neighborhood challenges, raising the community spirit community projects, community vision statement, although he did say that it was a challenge and raised some serious discussion, he spoke of issues, ideas and outcomes. Some of these were on fund raising (directory and newsletter with paid advertisements, Fund Raising challenge).  He spoke about folks coming with ideas of design projects and coming back to the group with plans to talk about them and then implement.  He spoke of the neighborhood college pilot program which educated the community on FFC Government resulting  in reduced calls into the county by the community understanding the codes and laws and helping other  to abide by those codes and laws. Today Kings Park holds the 2008 community enhancement & beautification award under John’s leadership.  More on Kings Park go to www.kings-park.org/  

John offered to share with us KPCA bylaws, which he suggests should be simple and straight forward, he also mentioned that there should be a small dues which would then help to offset some of the costs associated with any community association.  He also mentioned that we need to file state papers which I will follow up on.    

Website Update:  Jeff Roberts provided website names and hosting options.  The initial thoughts are to lean more toward what is available “free” opposed to fee.  Jeff will refine the details on which sites are free where we can piggyback of a host and he get back to us.  

Common Area:  A new sign is planned!! Ideas were shared and examples were provided around a new sign.  We will be moving forward to purchase the materials and plan a working day.  An example picture of the sign that is planned is   Suggested working dates are also below.  I have offered our garage as a working location (large space with AC and heat).  We discussed installing the sign as the idea for our next community event where we can unveil the sign and have light snacks and music.  This event is tentatively scheduled for early June so the sign construction should be sometime between April 17th and May 22nd.  Stacey mentioned that May 16th would not work .  May I get a consensus of who would like to work on this project and the dates you are available (see options below).  Lee and Ed generously offered to contribute a very significate amount to the sign costs.  Tom and I would also like to contribute since the cost of what has ed will exceed our current balance.  In time we will begin to see our account rise as our neighborhood spirit rises.  Thank you so very muc Ed and Lee!

Date options for: Sign Construction, removal of old sign, hole digging and clean up. April 17 , April 24, May 1, May 8, May 15 or May 22.

We touched on the subject of plantings for the common area at Fairmont and Strathmeade (flag area) and Stacy offered to start a garden.  Stacy can you come up with a plan and times when you’d like to work on the garden so a flyer can be distributed for anyone wanting join in.

Also discussed was the idea of planting 5-8 trees along the Rt 50 grass median area (maintained by VDOT) I have several evergreens ready to plant but paperwork will need to be filed to plant.  John Falls and I will complete these forms to begin the process.  These planting are targeted for Sept/Oct 2009.

Again, this schedule is not set in stone so if you see something needs attention please feel free to do what needs to be done.  The schedule is more of a planning tool.