7/6: update:

A new flag has been ordered and will arrive in approximately 4 weeks.  Donated by Rita Lynn and German Mejia.  The cleats will be raised up the pole out of easy access and the second roping will be retrieved and the cleat also raised up the pole.  A community or state flag will be hoisted up once that rope is retrieved and the cleats are raised.

Not discussed at this meeting but was mentioned at the September 2008 Ice Cream Social was the need to repair the flagpole. One of the ropes is at the top of the pole and we need to get it reconnected and anchored should we decide to put another flag up (perhaps a Virginia flag). It was strongly suggested that we move the anchor up the pole six feet to ensure the security of the flags. 

We can buy replacement flags from the US Capitol at a reasonable price and a decent size. That information at www.visitthecapitol.gov/. Below is one senators price list other prices are similar within a few dollars. Even with the flying the price is reasonable.

Flag Price List

Size – Material – Price* – Flying Fee – Total

3×5 – Cotton  $13.25 – $4.05 – $17.30

3×5 – Nylon – $13.00 – $4.05 – $17.05

4×6 – Nylon – $17.50 – $4.05 – $21.55

5’x8 – Cotton – $24.00 – $4.05 – $28.05

5×8 – Nylon – $22.00 – $4.05 – $26.05

* Base price includes a $4 shipping charge. Prices current as of February 2009; prices subject to change.